Spring Portrait

Spring Portrait / Keväinen muotokuva, 2014Spring Portrait / Keväinen muotokuva, 2014

It is a pleasure to bring fine art into people's homes by creating portraits of their loved ones. Artists’ Association commissioned me to paint a portrait at very short notice. After the client emailed me few photos of his wife and answered couple of my questions, I started sketching. I learned that her favourite colour was red, so I used springlike colors and honeycomb shapes on the background. I tried to fill my painting with warmth and emotion.

After one week the watercolor painting was approved and given to the client. If I had used oil colors, it would have taken much, much longer. I really love to paint portraits with aquarelle paint; with low hiding power it's very immediate, breathable and honest medium.

Spring Portrait, 2014. Watercolour. Size: 27.6 x 22.4 in (70 x 57 cm).