Small Print Exhibition

One month ago I started working in a new atelier called Studio 6. There are four illustrators, me included, and two photographers working together in Turtola. The studio is very well located, has lots of parking space and also near my home. 

My former painting studio was in the living room of my home. My family started to feel like they were tripping over my gear and I constantly needed to move it around to accommodate daily living. Having this dedicated space is also important because I don’t want my clients to feel like they are invading my personal space. I’m now able to isolate my work from restless children running around the house and work without any distractions. Working hours and leisure time are now separated, which feels great!

Window exhibition by me & Mirva LiimattaWindow exhibition by me & Mirva Liimatta

We have a window gallery called Small Print (Pikku Präntti) which is exhibiting works by me and my fellow artist Mirva Liimatta this month. Come and see us!