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I'll paint couple portraits, wedding pictures, pets, child and corporate portraits, landscapes, everyday objects, monuments, buildings, shapes and colors, you name it. A portrait commissioned from a photograph is a personal and valued gift. I paint traditional and experimental portraits. I have painted e.g. "puzzle portraits" and full body portraits of pregnant women. Completing a portrait can take a few weeks to a month. Please contact: julia(at)juliaprusi.com.

Description of making portraits:

  • Technique: Acrylic or oil colour on canvas or plywood. Pencil, pastel, or watercolour on paper.
  • Using a photograph: yes, preferably based on several pictures
  • Size: approx. 20 x 30 – 50 x 70 cm
  • Price: approx. 350–2000 euros + VAT 10%

Small blond-haired boys and girls with red cheeks tell the onlooker of childhood. Children are the embodiment of the mystery of life. A child’s bright eyes have a direct gaze through decades and even centuries.

- Maria Laukka, in the book Lapsi Suomen taiteessa. (Excerpt translated freely.)